The 1st International Insurance Distribution Conference in Sendai, 2012

The 1st International Insurance Distribution Conference
in Sendai, 2012

Creating a bright future using experiences through information-sharing

Date:September 26 (Wed) & 27 (Thu), 2012
Venue:Tachibana Conference Hall, Sendai International Center (Aobayama, Aoba-ku, Sendai City)
Organizer:Insurance Section, Junior Chamber International Japan
Sponsor:The General Insurance Association of Japan and
the Life Insurance Association of Japan

Our world has various risks, some of which have actually brought great, wide-ranging destruction, such as disasters,terrorism, and new strains of influenza. The damage and influence of those events have become greater year by year.We believe that it is possible to prevent people from being victimized by similar damages, or even if such occur, toreduce the severity of the damage by conveying and sharing the expertise, knowledge, and wisdom gained from such tragic experiences with those who have not yet fallen victim to them. For this reason, we must not waste ourexperience of being a victim to any of those disastrous situations. Furthermore, with regard to insurance, we believe that it is possible to react quickly by sharing the experience of paying and developing relevant types of disaster insurance, a reaction which turns out to be beneficial to consumers. The International Insurance Distribution Conference, as an opportunity for sharing experiences of disasters that occur around the world, aims to continuously improve the response level for disaster situations through information sharing in both pre-disaster measures and in times of disaster, and to enhance the societal value of people related to insurance distribution. In this conference, we specifically would like to share information from the experiences of those who have been involved in Japanese insurance distribution related to the Great East Japan Earthquake.

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